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•The Great Speeches Video Series
-- Great Speeches V. 1

-- Great Speeches V. 2
-- Great Speeches V. 3
-- Great Speeches V. 4
-- Great Speeches V. 5
-- Great Speeches V. 6
-- Great Speeches V. 7
-- Great Speeches V. 8
-- Great Speeches V. 9
-- Great Speeches V. 10
-- Great Speeches V. 11
-- Great Speeches V. 12
-- Great Speeches V. 13
-- Great Speeches V. 14
-- Great Speeches V. 15
-- Great Speeches V. 16
-- Great Speeches V. 17
-- Great Speeches V. 18
-- Great Speeches V. 19
-- Great Speeches V. 20
-- Great Speeches V. 21
-- Great Speeches V. 22
-- Great Speeches V. 23
-- Great Speeches V. 24
-- Great Speeches V. 25
-- Great Speeches V. 26
-- Great Speeches V. 27
-- Great Speeches V. 28
• Video on Demand
• Great Speeches for Criticism and Analysis Textbook
• Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator
• Great Moments From Great Speeches
• Ted Sorenson: On Speechwriting
• The Campaign Series
-- Campaign '88
-- Campaign '92
-- Campaign '96
-- Campaign '00
-- Campaign '04
-- Campaign '08
-- Campaign '12
• Great Speeches: The Presidents
• Great Speeches: The Candidates' Wives

• Words of War
• War Made Easy
• The Successful Speaking Video Series
--Developing Listening Skills
--Conquering Communication Anxiety
--Delivery Techniques
--Organizing A Speech
--Using Logic & Reasoning
--Communication or Frustration: Men and Women in Dialogue
--Dynamic Business Presentations
--Using Language Skillfully
--Overcoming Barriers to Intercultural Communication
--Series on DVD (9 Programs)
• The Scholastic Debater Textbook
• Student Speeches For Analysis V. 1
• Student Speeches For Analysis V. 2
• Student Speeches For Analysis V. 3
• Foundations of Communication Video Series
• Power Persuasion 3rd Edition Textbook
• Power Persuasion Instructor's Video
• Pomp & Circumstance: Ceremonial Speaking Textbook
• Ceremonial Speaking
• Men & Women: Talking Together
• That's Not What I Meant: Language, Culture & Meaning
• He Said, She Said: Gender Language & Communication
• Gender Communication
• A Woman's View
• The Legacy of Barbara Jordan
• Gender War/Gender Peace
• Gender and Conflict Management
• Great Speeches: Today's Women Video Series
-- GSTW: V1
-- GSTW: V2
-- GSTW: V3
-- GSTW: V4
-- GSTW: V5
-- GSTW: V6
-- GSTW: V7
• The Rhetoric of Women in Politics
• The Oratory of Woman's Suffrage
• Gender & Communication: Styles & Stereotypes
• The 5 Communication Secrets that Swept Obama to the Presidency
• The Golden Age of American Oratory
• Bill Clinton: Speeches of the Presidential Years 1993-2001
• Modern Presidential Campaigns Video Series
--MPC V. 1 (1924-44)
--MPC V. 2 (1948-60)
--MPC V. 3 (1964-76)
--MPC V. 4 (1980-92)
--MPC V. 5 (1996-2004)
• John F. Kennedy: Pursuit of Happiness
• Circuit Chautauqua: A Bridge Between Two Centuries
• Electing the President
• Congress: How It Works
• Classic Presidential Campaigns Video Series
• To The Shores of Iwo Jima
• Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Historical Perspective
• Facilitative Leadership: Teamwork, Planning and Conflict Management
• Conquering Death by PowerPoint
• 90 Minutes to Killer Presentation Skills
• International Business Communication Video Series
--Communicating with the Chinese
--Communicating in Latin America
--Communicating in India
• Effective Communication in Teams
• Effective Communication in Business
• Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews

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Great Speeches Volume 1

Our best-selling program, Great Speeches Volume 1: Platinum Edition features the hard to find Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech in it's entirety, along with John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address. Other legendary speakers include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Douglas MacArthur and Adolf Hitler.The newly remastered Platinum Edition also includes printable literal transcripts of each speech, printable critical essays by leading scholars and a Bonus Speech: Barack Obama's Inaugural Address.

DVD - $160.00
Great Speeches Volume 28 DVD

The newest installment in the critically acclaimed Great Speeches Video Series. Featuring speeches by: Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin & Franklin D. Roosevelt

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DVD - $160.00
Great Speeches Today's Women Volume 7

Now Available as an eBook The critically acclaimed textbook, Great Speeches for Criticism and Analysis boasts 55 literal transcripts and 27 critical essays by leading scholars in the field of Speech Communication. Available from:
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Apple iBookstore

eBook - $9.99
Successful Speaking Conquering Communication Anxiety

One of nine DVD's in the Successful Speaking Video Series, Conquering Communication Anxiety offers a "how to" approach to overcoming stage fright.

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DVD - $45.50
International Business Communication Communicating with the Chinese

With the enormous growth of their economy and increasing business and diplomatic connections with the U.S., China commands primary consideration in the 21st century.

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DVD - $80.00
Facilitative Leadership: Teamwork, Planning and Conflict Management

This program focuses on how leaders can help employees, colleagues and groups set goals, create plans, mobilize resources and manage conflict.

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DVD - $125.50
Effective Communication in Teams

Conflict Management Consultant Stephen Littlejohn and Communication Consultant, Kathy Domenici have introduced a useful instructional video for the management of conflict in high performance teams.

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DVD - $125.50
90 Minutes to Killer Presentation Skills

Learn to implement the 3-step technique used by JFK, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and countless other great speakers to persuade and inspire audiences of 10 to 10,000!

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DVD - $100.00
Dynamic Business Presentations

Dr. Jessica Stowell examines the most important communication skills in the business setting.

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DVD - $45.50
He Said, She Said: Gender Language & Communication featuring Deborah Tannen

In this DVD, Tannen paints a colorful road map through the complex gender maze of why we speak the way we do, and why others so frequently don't hear what we mean.

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DVD - $250.00
Men & Women Talking Together

This discussion between best-selling authors Deborah Tannen and Robert Bly is presented by the New York Open Center.

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DVD - $65.50
A Woman's View: Prominent Women Discuss Gender Issues

This volume features speeches by Elizabeth Edwards, Cindy McCain, Michelle Obama, Irish President Mary McAleese, Ambassador Mary Yates, Lilly Ledbetter and Carly Fiorina.

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DVD - $150.00
Gender and Conflict Management

This presentation reviews how conflict-management styles differ for women and men in professional settings. It also offers suggestions for positive responses given those gender differences.

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DVD - $45.00
Gender Communication

Linda Edington, lecturer and consultant on gender studies, discusses key terms, impact of language, parental expectations and more.

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DVD - $45.00
Modern Presidential Campaigns Part 5

Bill Clinton defeats Bob Dole. George W. Bush's controversial victory over Al Gore in 2000 and defeat of John Kerry in 2004.

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DVD - $75.00
Congress How It Works

This three-part DVD takes the viewer step-by-step through the various functions of congress.

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DVD - $60.00
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

More than just a biography, this one-of-a-kind documentary examines how Dr. King's life influenced the Civil Rights Movement.

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DVD - $ 25.00
Electing the President DVD

Explaining the presidential election process to students borders on the impossible, but this program accomplishes just that! Newly revised for the 2012 election!

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DVD - $80.00
Campaign 2008

Some of the best speeches given by Republican and Democratic leaders from their latest convention.

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DVD - $120.00
Hillary Clinton Video On Demand Demo

Teaching rhetorical theory, communication techniques and history of American public address relies on the availability of speech models. Now over 120 of the most important speeches of the last seventy years are available online. Great Speeches OnDemand contains full-screen video of speeches with instructional introductions explaining the context and impact of the speech and a biography of the speaker

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Some of the over 120 Complete Speeches Available via our Video On Demand Service include:

Martin Luther King, Jr. - "I Have a Dream"
John F. Kennedy - Inaugural Address
Adolf Hitler - Address to the Nazi Party
Douglas MacArthur - Farewell Address
Richard Nixon - Checker's Speech
Jesse Jackson - Rainbow Coalition
Franklin D. Roosevelt - Declaration of War
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Mountaintop Speech
Ted Kennedy - Truth and Tolerance in America
John F. Kennedy - I am a Berliner
Stokely Carmichael - "We Ain't Goin'"
Christopher Reeve - 1996 DNC Speech
Nelson Mandela - Congressional Gold Medal Speech
Malcolm X - "Democracy is Hypocrisy"
Ronald Reagan - "A Time for Choosing"
George W. Bush - 9-11 Address to Congress
Colin Powell - Speech on Terrorism
Barack Obama - 2004 DNC Keynote Address
Robert F. Kennedy - The Dangers of Climate Change
Elie Wiesel - Dartmouth College Commencement
Ronald Reagan - Berlin Wall Address

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1-Year Subscription - $800
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